Friday, June 08, 2012

an ode to blogging

Sooo... I've been thinking about this blogging thing.

Just how really awesome it is, for lack of a better word. 

Think of all the ladies you've met, been inspired by, laughed with, cried with, etc. I've read some of the most inspiring posts by such sweet, funny, amazing women on here. They are truly role models I can look up to. It's not all bad things on the Internet these days, like some people think.

These role models present their real lives. Their ups and downs. Their struggles in relationships with Christ, their husbands, kids. It's great to see them rejoicing the little things in life, or mourning great sorrows with such an open heart. It's not easy to let everyone see inside your life like that. It's scary to show you're not superwoman or even near perfect. I mean, let's face it, nobody is perfect. But I think that's such a beautiful thing. 

I just feel so glad and blessed to be able to read about these women and share my life with them in return. I get so inspired by their capacity of love for their children and husbands. By their devotion to spreading the word of Christ. By their encouraging messages. I know that I can always come on here and read something that will make me think or laugh or strive to be a better person. It makes me hope that someday I will be an inspiration to somebody in the same ways.

Blogging can be a very wonderful thing. Having your own space to share things in this crowded world is refreshing. And seeing other people actually caring about that little space of yours – it's great. Blogging can connect you to people you never would have had the opportunity to even hear about otherwise. I just... love it.

Let's embrace our love for blogging, ladies!


  1. Julie, just found your blog. :-) And I had to write to say I share that love of blogging with you. There's a lot of good writing and a lot of good people here. I've been blogging just one year, but it has really enriched my life, for many of the reasons you noted here. Thanks for sharing. :-)